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About us

DIEESE (Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socio-Economic Studies) is a creation of the Brazilian trade union movement. It was founded in 1955 to develop research on which the workers' demands could be based.

The organization is managed on three levels:

Most of national workers confederations and federations and the main trade unions are affiliated to DIEESE, contributing to its support, using its services as well its technical and scientific production.

Today almost 700 entities are affiliated to DIEESE.

The affiliation of the most important unions in the country guarantees to DIEESE unique characteristics of inter-trade union representativity and its pluralist nature.

DIEESE has worked with all the political trends that are present in the Brazilian trade union movement.

Work Units

National Office

It is at the National Offices, located in São Paulo, that DIEESE coordinates all its technical production. This unit houses the institution's technical coordination personnel as well as many of the consultancy, research and education teams.

Regional Offices

DIEESE's Regional Offices are units that were created to develop the activities of consultancy, research and education on a regional basis, as well as to meet the requirements of the affiliated local entities.

DIEESE has a project underway to increase the number of Regional Offices, to provide consultancy services and to carry out other union work throughout the country.

Nowadays, there are 18 regional offices, in different parts of Brazil.


Subsections are DIEESE units located at unions affiliated to the institution, at the request of their management, anywhere in the country. Their objective is to produce studies, research and analyses in order to assist the actions of these unions. There are DIEESE subsections at the bank workers' union, the metal workers' union, the petrochemical workers' union, the commercial workers' union, as well as the unions of those who work in telephony, teaching, the oil industry, the electrical industry, and civil servants - to name a few - at many sates of Brazil.

Any affiliated union can request a subsection from DIEESE.


DIEESE has a well-trained interdisciplinary team, composed of sociologists, production engineers, economists, statisticians, and others.

Areas of expertise

Throughout its almost 60 years of history, the institution has earned itself national and international credibility. Recognized as an institution that produces scientific work, DIEESE is active in the following areas:

Underpinning themes

The underpinning themes guiding the entity's entire production are:

DIEESE is an entity whose reach extends nationwide. It's entire production is structured around three types of work units, located in various States and in the Federal District of Brasília.

Consultancy services:

DIEESE assists affiliated trade unions in the process of collective bargaining.



Special or resqueted by trade unions. Several themes:


Trade unionists training

Seminars and courses on collective bargaining, trade union maths, industrial restructuring and others. Own method and more than 400 hours of courses.

DIEESE College

The experience acquired through the years allowed DIEESE to give a new step: the entity created a college and, at the same time, a new academic field named Labor Science.

The purpose is to use the experience of workers as the starting point.


In addition to the regular work it produces for the union movement, and with the purpose of studying in greater depth everything related to these underpinning themes, DIEESE carries out projects together with government agencies and national, or international, civil entities.


Labor Observatory

Nowadays, regional governments are contracting DIEESE to analyse the labor market and make prospections of the future of labour, occupations, wages and working conditions in one sector, region or productive chain. The entity is doing this task with the Labor Observatory, a work performed by a DIEESE's technician, involving research and a georeferencing system.

Institutional representation

DIEESE represents the interests of workers in many national and international forums, discussing important issues.

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